Our company, which has its new headquarters in Rosenheim, has been a successful fashion business since 1987. In 2012, we founded the LIEBLINGSSTÜCK brand, in Aschau, because our aim was to use lovingly created fashion to emphasise the beauty of women. Our emotional and highly detailed collections have continued to develop over the past years in the premium modern segment and Lieblingsstück has been able to establish itself as a genuine partner for upscale retail chains.

Our Philosophy

Every day, we strive to dedicate as much attention as we can to each and every activity in our value chain to get closer to our goals and dreams, step by step. However, the challenge is developing premium-quality products that always bear our unmistakable signature and carry our LIEBLINGSSTÜCK message to the outside world. People are always the main focal point in everything we do.

Our Product

LIEBLINGSSTÜCK stands for feminine, casual fashion with character. Nothing makes a woman more beautiful than her belief that she is beautiful – and this is something we want to achieve with our fashion.

When we get up in the morning, we select a piece of clothing that will accompany us throughout the day and brighten it up. Through our love for detail, we create a special connection for each of our pieces that gives our customers a unique aura. Every woman becomes beautiful at the precise moment when she decides to be herself. Lieblingsstück women are confident and wish to emphasise their individuality with ease. Lieblingsstück wants to convey a feeling of freedom with soft, cosy fabrics that envelop us like a comfortable cocoon where we can feel at peace and can be completely ourselves. Gentle colours and loose cuts that flatter every woman make us fall in love with the collection. We want to design not only fashion but also dreams, because they make life easier and create a little paradise for our customers. Never forget that a smile is the loveliest accessory that a woman can wear.

Our Headquarter

The combination of tradition and modernity in our company headquarters is an exciting image and creates a unique working atmosphere.

A lovingly refurbished 800-year-old farm is the home of our administrative centre. But our state-of-the-art design house, with concrete and steel elements and an open-plan design, has a touch of urban loft flair. Two buildings, which could not be more different, are values ambassador, evoking emotion in partner and employees alike.

Authenticity, sympathy, a sense of style and goal orientation shape the brand identity and give LIEBLINGSSTÜCK its unmistakable signature.

Bauer in der Au
Happinger-Au-Straße 3
83026 Rosenheim

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