Smile of

Sustainability and sincerity are important factors for Lieblingsstück. By visiting our production locations in person, we contribute to a trusting working relationship and quality assurance. We want to learn about the stories of the people who are behind the production of our favorite pieces (Lieblingsstücke). We do not differentiate between people from Europe and those from Asia.

We act fairly towards the people without whom none of this would be possible. This is why we aim to enable every single individual to have a fair partnership with Lieblingsstück. We are convinced that fair production conditions are the key to high quality.

The following elements are monitored in our factories:

– a ban on child labour
– young employees given particular protection
– reasonable working hours
– fair salaries
– no harmful (health damaging) activities
– work protection
– no discrimination
– complaint procedures in place
– the right for freedom of association and collective bargaining
– medical care (medical center)
– no forced labour
– environment protection
– ethical economy


We invest in the countries where our goods are made. Not just in the form of sales volumes of our products, but also in social projects. Employees in each country of production handpick those. For us, it is important that the money goes directly and without lots of bureaucracy into our projects.

As an example we pay for children’s tuition fees in Madagascar. Because in other parts of the globe it brings an enormous relief fort he Parents and enables the children an access to education.

Remi Doomernik and her organisation Madalief is our local partner and has undertaken development work in Madagascar for many years. Madalief builds schools, pays tuition fees and supports children’s homes. We are happy to have Remi “on site”. Accompany Alpha and Almandine during a school day in Madagascar.

In our film „the smile of“ you’ll find the smile of Children from our project in Madagascar



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